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What’s Happening

About the Merger

The impact that Gareda has had across the region has been tremendous throughout our history but now we have the opportunity to accelerate our impact in the communities we serve.

As a combined organization, we will help participants and families, and our health system and physician partners, access our joint expertise and high-quality, dignified care.

About Gareda Home Care Services

Gareda has been servicing Illinois with pride, care and expertise since 1981. Gareda upholds the worth and dignity of its diverse community of clients all while maintaining a family of dedicated employees by fostering an environment that integrates teamwork, integrity and unwavering professionalism. Driven by our passion for helping others we are committed to keeping a positive attitude and we’ve discovered our purpose, to always be there when we are needed. For where there is a need, there is Gareda. By utilizing current technology in order to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in service of others Gareda continues to be focused on keeping true to its motto.

About AccentCare

AccentCare, Inc. is a nationwide, for-profit, leader in post-acute health care with services including home health, hospice, personal care services, medical home care, and health management services. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, AccentCare has more than 25,000 qualified professionals in over 180 locations, serving 17 states, and over 145,000 patients per year.