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Answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the merger

Will my role, my manager, or my benefits change?    

For now, and for most of our team, your day-to-day work will remain the same.  Your reporting structure, compensation and benefits will all remain the same.  


Will there be layoffs or efficiencies?    

For now, nothing changes for our employees. We anticipate that this merger will present new and exciting opportunities for team members. The two organizations will work together in the coming months to develop a thoughtful integration plan. We will provide relevant updates to our team members throughout this process.    


As a combined organization, we will offer even stronger support for our employees. Each organization has valuable learnings to share with the other, learnings that will enable each to continue the great work it is currently doing, while also creating opportunities for both teams to make even more of a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. To that end, we will also offer new career opportunities and paths for employee growth.    


Will care for participants change?     

The exceptional care each organization provides for participants will not change. Our nearly 80 years of combined experience have taught us that every patient interaction is different – and that the only way to provide outstanding care is to do so with the best interest of the patient in mind at all times to ensure personalized care.


When will the deal be finalized? What is happening between now and then?   

We anticipate the deal will be finalized before the end of 2020.  As we work toward the deal close, our leadership teams are working diligently, with the help of outside experts, to develop a thoughtful integration plan.  


Why was now the right time for Gareda to merge?   

 AccentCare has the infrastructure and systems we need to elevate our work. Their experience bringing out the best of each organization they work with will allow us to grow and serve our communities with higher impact.  


Will the Gareda name change?   

We have no immediate plans to change the branding for either organization. In time, Gareda will be a part of AccentCare’s PCS division. For now, our focus is ensuring a seamless integration of operations for our staff and clients.  


How will we communicate with Gareda staff prior to close and post-close to ensure a seamless transition?   

We will use our intranet resources, emails from leadership and town hall meetings to clearly communicate all changes as we move through the integration process.  


Please speak with your manager, or a member of the HR team if you have specific questions related to your individual needs.