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Cleaning and Service

Date: 08.07.2017
CEO Ella Grays Speaking on her PlanImagine returning to the town where you grew up and finding  abandoned buildings, shut down shops and over grown lawns. Most of us would initially be saddened, but instead of  being depressed  about the current state we would relish in the memories we made in that town while assuming a bleak future for it. Recently our CEO Ella Grays embarked on a mission to save her hometowns future.

Speaking in front of home care aides Service is in her blood, most employees at Gareda are aware of her humble beginnings in  social services, accompanying her mother as a young girl to visit the elderly in nursing homes. After many years Mrs. Grays became a Home Care Aide and continued to care for the sick and elderly, working her way up through social service agencies and eventually becoming our CEO.

Cleanup, before
Mrs. Grays is the prime example of  someone who is passionate about helping others. Not only does she volunteer her time helping seniors, but she is a Relay for Life and Alzheimer's Association supporter as well. It came as no surprise to anyone when Mrs. Grays told us of her plan to help bring  her hometown back to greatness. With the support of her friends, family and her hometown, Mrs. Grays was able to execute an entire day of service where she and many other volunteers would cut down the overgrown yards; pick up garbage; and even give the old homes fresh paint jobs. It was an overall success and just the beginning of many more.