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About Us

Our Mission

Gareda’s Mission is to provide exceptional home care services to its clients with respect, dignity and compassion. 

Core values for
Our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable, trustworthy, compassionate home care provider in the region.

Our History

Gareda has been servicing Illinois with pride, care and expertise since 1981. Gareda upholds the worth and dignity of its diverse community of clients all while maintaining a family of dedicated employees by fostering an environment that integrates teamwork, integrity and unwavering professionalism. Driven by our passion for helping others we are committed to keeping a positive attitude and we’ve discovered our purpose, to always be there when we are needed. For where there is a need, there is Gareda. By utilizing current technology in order to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in service of others Gareda continues to be focused on keeping true to its motto.

Our Care Team

Our Care Team is primarily comprised of Home Care Aides (HCAs), Field Supervisors and Staffing Coordinators all working together to provide the utmost quality care to our clients. 

Home Care Aides - Gareda employs over 1,800 trained and dedicated HCAs with many years of experience. Each of our HCAs are thoroughly evaluated and screened. Prior to entering a client’s home, our HCAs undergo extensive training so that they stand ready to serve with know-how and compassion.

Field Supervisors –Conduct in-home visits (announced or unannounced) to evaluate the home care aides performance and ensure that your plan of care is being followed. You may discuss any concerns that you have regarding your service delivery with your field supervisor.

Staffing Coordinators - Ensure that you are assigned a HCA to provide your care and will be available to discuss any concerns you may have with your service delivery.