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I've had other companies, but they weren't as reliable as Gareda.
- E. A.


Today was a good day. I was taking my time sheet into the facility that helps me to care for my elderly mother and I ran into a lady and had a very nice conversation with her. after the conversation I found that she was the CEO of the company that I am working for. They continue to provide any training I need, and they also have a very helpful, kind, understanding and patiently staffed help desk where I can call on a daily basis for help with specific questions. Without Gareda I would not know that my mother could stay (at) home and I would have such a professional company, Gareda, to help me do this.
- H. W.
Training was great. Coming from an inexperienced background, it helped so much.
- S. J.
Three benefits of GAREDA; Concern for the employee's needs; Concern for the client's needs; Always looking toward the future, (Changes to better serve us all).
- B. D.- with Gareda for over 11 years
Gareda is our loving family, we appreciate Gareda. Passion,Purpose and Praise!
- D.J.
Since I have been employed with Gareda you have shown that you really care about the HCA's and all employees
- M. Johnson
Ella Grays and staff have always cared and appreciated all of what HCA’s had to endure.
- L. McDonald

Employee Testimony